To Reclaim Its Missional


the flow

We all know those people who are physically awkward. The ones you pray aren’t put on your team because, for some reason, they try to catch a ball with their face or trip over their own feet when running the 50-yard dash. I am one of those people. Due to my complete lac...

Recognizing your type tendencies can have a significant impact on your next mission.

Every missionary (well, every Christian, for that matter) exhibits certain traits during a mission. As Ken and I have served, led, and overseen mission trips and projects over the years...

How HOPE and DIGNITY are Transforming Uganda One Person at a Time.

After about 72 hours of travel, our van turned its final corner and there in front of us was Musana. Like many Ugandan schools, it is surrounded by a fence with a guard shack. As you look through the fen...

Pushing Past the Debate into Overflow Living

Have you ever had a simple question and, after consulting Google, found the answer was anything but simple?

That recently happened to me. I was working on a project and thought I ought to Google, “Who is a missionary?”. My chu...

Responsive Rather than Reactive Missions

I have been glued to my Weather Channel App for the last month. I'm pretty sure, after Harvey, Irma, and Maria, my hurricane monitoring has moved into the realm of compulsive. We live on the outskirts of San Antonio, so when Hurr...

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