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The Impact of Paternalism on Local and International Missions

We gathered around the new children’s home our church helped finance. It was pretty rustic; no electricity, two children to a bed and no running water. As we looked around for the first time, we reminded ours...

5 Things Churches Should Look for in a Ministry Partner

Despite the fact that their inboxes are full of emails from ministries requesting help, church leaders often struggle to find healthy parachurch and non-profit ministries that are ready for partnership. Because, le...

How HOPE and DIGNITY are Transforming Uganda One Person at a Time.

After about 72 hours of travel, our van turned its final corner and there in front of us was Musana. Like many Ugandan schools, it is surrounded by a fence with a guard shack. As you look through the fen...

The Value of Strong, Long-Term Relationships on Mission

We arrived and set-up in an outdoor pavilion where the kids were eating breakfast. After a little bit of confusion, we were able to set-up the clinic. Everyone had their assigned task; people recording height and w...

Responsive Rather than Reactive Missions

I have been glued to my Weather Channel App for the last month. I'm pretty sure, after Harvey, Irma, and Maria, my hurricane monitoring has moved into the realm of compulsive. We live on the outskirts of San Antonio, so when Hurr...

What is Overflow living?

“Our delight in God overflows in service in our Church, Neighborhoods and Around the World “ (based on 2 Cor. 9:12)

It is intentional living that starts and ends with worship. We believe we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. But apart...

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